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Loyola Blakefield 

2022 Presents

Rainy Night in the Future by Charles Wit (#1 Visual).jpg

Loyola Blakefield Community, 

As Editor-in-Chief of this year’s Literary Magazine, Workshop(s), I have had the great privilege of working with some of Blakefield’s finest poets, artists, and creative thinkers. It has been a joy to explore the depths of Loyola’s creative and artistic talent. 

In a year that has been disrupted, uncertain, and ever-changing, we have highlighted and emphasized works that speak to individualism, personal growth, and introspection. One main way we have done that in this year's edition of Workshops(s) is by highlighting our Seniors and their accomplishments in a section dedicated to personal college essays. This section is one of the centerpieces for this year's magazine, as it proudly displays all that the Class of 2022 has to offer. 


I would like to offer a word of thanks to all of those involved in the making of this year’s literary magazine. Thank you to all of Loyola’s talented writers and artists who created and submitted works for this year’s magazine. I would like to especially thank Mr. Flanigan for leading the charge in his Creative Writing Honors class. His leadership, humor, and talented instruction were highlights of our year. He has propelled us to deliver a fantastic publication for the community once again. 


Finally, I would like to thank every member of Loyola’s Creative Writing Class for their hard work and dedication both inside and outside of the classroom. They have helped create a great magazine for 2022, and their works will inspire many. They are named below: 

Nick Anderson 

Dylan Baer 

Nick Boettcher 

Noah Bull 

Michael Dent 

Constantino Diacoloukas 

Brendan Fanzone 

Adarsh Gadepalli 

Connor Klebrowski 

Thomas Marine 

Jair Taylor 

Andrew Terry 

Seamus Wyatt 


I would also like to thank all members of the community for taking the time to support Loyola’s passionate writers and artists by reading this magazine. As graduating seniors, we are all pleased to leave this community with a final creative memory: a magazine filled with heart, passion, and spirit. 


Best Wishes, 

Tony Liberatore 

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